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Remixer Galleries allow you to setup your own gallery with a customised Remix as the prompt, allowing you to invite others to then come and remix it. So if you'd like a fun creative activity for your upcoming online conference, or you'd like your students to share their perpective on something, Remixer Galleries are for you.

And as curator, you've got full control over the remixes that appear in your Remixer Gallery.

Why Galleries?

Why indeed. Well maybe you're...

  • running an online event and you need an icebreaker?
  • need something creative and different to engage a remote audience
  • need a private (but open) area just for you and your students
  • want to set your own custom prompt to be remixed

Remixer Galleries are available to supporters of the Fabulous Remixer Machine. You can become a supporter for as little as $3, which all helps to build more Remixer apps!

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How to use galleries on the Remixer Machine.