About the Remixer

The Remixer project is a web app that aims to provide people with a visual voice, especially to those who might not consider themselves “arty” - or who don’t have the graphical tools to create. It uses an SVG template that allows certain parts of the SVG to be modified. SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) describe an image by using markup language. This means that they provide the ability for someone to very simply change a discrete part of the image. In short, they provide the perfect scaffold for visual remixing. All of the visuals published through the Remixer project are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence, which makes projects like Remixer possible.

How it works

It works by applying creative constraints to an image in SVG format. The data model and the image view are kept separate, allowing the remixes to be saved and then remixed by others.

Privacy friendly

Believe it or not, all the actual remixing is actually done by your browser. So unless you choose to share it, your remixing is completely private.


Remixer was created by Bryan Mathers, Visual Thinkery, using the Vue.js javascript framework, Nuxt, and Google Firebase.